Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remember Me?

Greetings, peeplings!

It has been quite a few days since my last post, so I thought I should do some kind of bonanza one today.  Since I last spoke, I've been quite busy with the lead-up to block exams, and now the actual exams. BUT!  Prior to this I went to the second-ever Brisbane Collective with Tia, and last weekend I went on a rainy roadtrip to a small town called Kenilworth, nestled around the base of the Glasshouse mountains.  Here are photos from both.


My first ever art-show purchase! A Ghostbusters cross stitch by Suzie Homemaker!
It reads: "who you gonna call?"

It was such a great night - heaps of people turned up, the art was diverse but consistently amazing, the music sets were all super cool... it was rad.
I'm gonna link to TBC's fb page here so y'all can keep up to date with upcoming events :)
eww I just did a smiley face on my blog


Cold weather = jeans

I thought that it was cool to see a good old ice-cream truck again...until we got closer, when we realised there were no colourful images of soft serves on the side, and it was trailing behind a horse carrier trailing behind a truck.
Dodgy?  You decide...

A Glasshouse mountain.  It was ridiculously difficult to get a clear shot. 

At the renowned cheese factory!  They made homemade ice-cream, gelato and sorbet.  I had cherry ice-cream (pictured).  It was friggin delicious and only cost $3!

"Heart of the Mary Valley"

Just one of the many local cheeses we picked up.  This one was my gamble - I had to try it.  Mango cheese!?!?  It proved to be a perfect combination.

So yeah.  I've been having lots of fun, and it's been great to get out of the house for a breather before exams.  I also saw The Great Gatsby (finallyyayomgitwasbeautiful) which has, for a while now, definitely been one of my most favourite books ever.  It's so well written and - man, I can't really do F. Scott Fitzgerald justice with my comparatively crap writing - but I love it.  And as for the movie, some people say "oh man, can't Luhrmann just be normal for once?" Well.  People have adapted the novel for the screen in the past, and in doing so they have stylised it in their own way, which is what filmmakers do and if they didn't, I'm pretty sure having 'creative licence' would lose its value.  Those who have seen other works of Baz Luhrmann would know he has a very definite style: completely over the top, glitzy and visually delicious, which in its own way suits the era and the nature of the lead characters.  So personally, I am very satisfied with the result.

Oh, an just one last thing... I finally started a tumblr blog, where I can eye-candy vom (?)
It's slowly coming together:  l i l y m a r i a


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